The News Dispatch is a fun and rambling discussion of the latest news in the freediving world. Jordy Duncan brings the news and Donny Mac chimes in!



Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the consequences for athletes from those countries.
Molchanovs stops producing gear in Russia.
Alexey Molchanov steps down as CEO of Molchanovs and hands over to Kris Kim.
Molchanovs fundraiser raises 6000$ and Molchanovs donates another 6000$
Will Trubridge raises more than 20,000$
Matt Malina donates all sponsorship money for 2022 to Ukraine.
Lobster Neckweight donation, Donny not impressed.
New dive computer releases from Garmin G1, Atmos Mission 2 and Crest.
UPDATE Donny’s Atmos status.
CMAS World Record Ice Dive by Arthur Guérin-Boëri.
AIDA & CMAS World Championships in 2022
The Freediving World Series.
Croatian National Championships.
Mirela Kardasevic New CMAS World Record DYNB 244m.
Jordy did her national record in Molchanovs fins.
AIDA Serbian Open Freediving Championship.
New Austrian National Record by Martin Müller DYNB 161m.
New Slovenian National Records by Andrej Ropret in DYNB, 208m and STA, 10:23 !
AIDA Freediving New Zealand Depth Nationals 2022 in Lake Taupo.
AIDA Static Diving Exhibition Gothenburg 2022
New Nordic Static Record by Rami Bladlav, 9:17.
AIDA Taiwanese Cup 2022.
UPDATE New Sth Africa National Record by Ian Bands 115m at the Happiness Competition in Taipei.

Ian Bands new south african national record in freediving no fins

70m FIM White Card first competition dive for Donny and joint 2nd place in FIM.
New Taiwanese National Records by Mia Hou, CWT 69m, CWTB, 63m
Donny participated in research into lung squeeze before the competition.
AIDA Dynamic Challenge FCG.
New AIDA National Record for Marianna Gillespie, DYNB, 210m.
Bluego AIDA Mini Comp.
Magdalena Solich-Talanda New AIDA World Record DYNB 226m
Julia Kozerska New AIDA World Record in DNF, 197m
Mat Malina new AIDA World Record in DYNB, 290m.
UPDATE New World Record by Mirela Kardasevic.
Ariel AIDA Dynamic Morning Series 2 in Sweden
Mai Nakimora new Japanese National Record DYNB, 198m
Good luck to Jordy with the monofin.
Another depth comp in Taiwan.
Donny will be going to Dahab, Egypt between mid-June and September.
Shout out to Yen Weihsuan for her 50m FIM in competition.

Yen Weihsuan freediver from Taiwan

Shout out to Paula Johnson in Sweden for a 6:19 Static in competition. 

Paula Johnsson freediver