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The mouthfill technique is an advanced method of equalisation that allows the freediver to dive much deeper than they might be able to achieve without it.

On today’s episode we invite some leading freediving athletes, coaches and educators to share their experiences on using and teaching the mouthfill technique. We explore the nuances of this complex technique and the different approaches to its utilisation.

Joining us today: Aharon Solomons, Federico Mana, Andrea Zuccari, Sara Campbell, Marco Nones, Julia Mouce and Enchante Gallardo.

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Federico Mana originally wanted to become a professional basketball player but his fragile ankles prevented that from happening!

He encountered freediving by chance in 1996, and seven years later moved to Egypt and dedicated himself to teaching freediving, yoga and to record attempts, because he wanted to prove to himself that the training protocols that he had developed actually worked. He achieved many Italian records during his career.
In 2013, after seven years of study, trials and errors, he finalized his Handsfree Protocol and started to apply it successfully, even in remote teaching.

He has written and co-authored many books on the subject of equalisation and breathing techniques for freediving and now focuses on providing freediving education through online courses at movinglimits.com

Julia Mouce, Freedive Cafe favourite returns for her fourth appearance!

Julia is the owner of Apnea Bali freediving school on the island of Bali, Indonesia and one for the most highly regarded professional freediving coaches in the world.

Andrea Zuccari was born in Rome and holds Italian and Swiss nationalities. At the age of 29 he travelled to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt and began his exploration of the underwater world as a scuba guide.
He soon discovered diving on One Breath and very quickly progressed in depth, establishing many Swiss and Italian national records in his career as a competitive diver including dives up to an astonishing 185m in NLT!

In 2012 he opened the Freediving World Apnea Center in Sharm where he continues to teach and train, and has become very well know across the freediving world as a master of equalisation, running equalisation workshops and coaching across the world.

Aharon Solomons is a man with a rich and fascinating past, and a freediving career spanning many decades. His accumulated knowledge and wisdom are a great gift to the freediving community and our two part special will take you deep into the thick of it.

Aharon lives in Eilat, Israel. He is an AIDA Instructor Trainer, Apnea Academy Trainer, IAFD Master Instructor Trainer and “Freedivers” Training System Instructor.

Sara Campbell is a bit of a legend in the freediving community.

She is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and four times World Record-holding freediver. She is the founder of Discover Your Depths, a unique teaching and personal growth philosophy based on yoga, meditation, freediving and mind-body awareness.

Sara has been practising Kundalini Yoga since 2003, and attributes her phenomenal success in breath-hold diving – from beginner to three-times World Record holder in just nine months (diving to 90m below the surface of the ocean on just one breath!) – to her practice. She is one of only a handful of women to have dived below 100m.

Marco Nones is owner of only One Apnea Center, founded in 2007 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Enchante Gallardo is a competitive Freediver who was born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii. She currently holds several national records for the U.S. Her records include the Constant Weight Bi-Fins discipline, diving to a depth of 82m/269ft and the Free Immersion discipline, diving to a depth of 85m/279ft.