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Exciting new product launches
Proposal for a Union of Freediving Athletes to catch out doping in freediving
Depth World Series and World Cup results and highlights / lowlights
Octopus Freediving raising money for Ukraine – update
32 pulley systems were sold / 1600 euros raised for Ukrainian Red Cross Society
Planning to do another fundraiser for Ukraine with nose clips
Taiwan Freediving Community Protest Group – update
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has accused AIDA, the world’s largest free-diving organisation, of self-censorship after it tried to make Taiwanese divers compete under the name “Chinese Taipei” at the Caribbean Cup depth competition held in Honduras this month


AIDA Taiwan released an official statement in regard to AIDA removing Taiwan as a country mid-competition and athletes DNS in protest.

Two Taiwanese athletes (Huang Ming-chun and Lien Lin-lan) managed to compete as representing “Taiwan” at the Caribbean Cup held in Honduras, after they protested the use of the term “Chinese Taipei”, Taiwan. https://focustaiwan.tw/society/202205260019

Donny interviewed Ming and Linlan and got their side of the story.

Union of Freediving Athletes (UFA)

Speculation is increasing about the use of banned performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) within the sport of freediving.
Proposal by Will Trubridge for a decentralised autonomous organisation to be created that any active freediving athlete may join for an annual registration fee.
The UFA would affiliate with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and could request and pay for a WADA doping control officer to implement a test on a UFA member in any of the WADA member states
A system within the UFA would allow for two ways by which an athlete can be referred to WADA for doping control – random testing or nominated testing (nominated and paid for by another UFA  member). If nominee tests positive for PED, nominator’s payment is refunded in full.  Nominator’s name kept confidential to all UFA members.  (System would involve a check so an athlete cannot be tested twice in a certain period. e.g. 2 weeks)

CALL-OUT: Looking for people with specific skill sets to manage the UFA project. Next steps:

create a website and database with processing algorithms for managing doping test requests
liaise with WADA to set up a protocol for the execution of doping requests.


Deep Week Thailand Highlights
Donny’s freediving courses and workshops in Dahab 

Triathlete dies practicing STA


Athletes pissed about AIDA WC dates – Vertical Blue


New products:

New Orca Freedive range, launched on 23 May

Orca Zen – designed to minimise water resistance for performance and competition; use of highly elastic materials allows the wetsuit to flex perfectly with your body. So easy to get your arms into streamline.

Orca Mantra – more durable material on the arms and panels in the legs without sacrificing performance; great training wetsuit.

Donny to review the Orca Zen model for the video reviews on Freedive and Thrive Youtube channel.

Fourth Element – Latest freediving wetsuit, the RF2
Molchanovs New Gear
Atmos Mission 2

Competition Results in May

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