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AIDA Freediving World Cup Mini Comp (25-29 May), Depth comp in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
Held following the Freediving World Cup May event (didn’t cover in May as we recorded prior to conclusion of event)
All four depth disciplines
Many countries represented – Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, Singapore, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Belgium, Brazil, South Africa, UK, Sweden
National records:
Michelle Ooi (Singapore) – CWT 72m
Kateryna Saderska (Ukraine) – FIM 84m
Sahika Ercumen (Turkey) – CWT 80m, FIM 78m, CWTB 70m
Gulbakhor Zainavdinova (F) (Kazakhstan) – CWT 35m, CWTB 25m, FIM 30m
Khaled Elgammal (M) (Egypt) – FIM 100m, CNF 66m, CWT 94m, CWTB 88m
Sacha Porte (M) (Belgium) – CWT 97m, CWTB 82m, FIM 91m
Carlos Diezel (Brazil) – FIM 76m
Farukh Tursunzhanov (M) (Kazakhstan) – CWT 57m, CWTB 55m
Jamie Marais (F) (South Africa) – FIM 68m
Linda Paganelli (Italy) – CWTB 82m
AIDA Freediving Indoor Cup 2022 Tateyama (29 May)
Dynamic pool comp in Tateyama, Japan (DYN, DYNB, DNF)
National records:
Yasuko Ozeki (F) (Japan) – DYNB 205m
Shinya Oi (M) (Japan) – DNF 180m
AIDA Ariel Relax Comp (3 June)
Held in Stockholm, Sweden
DYN, DYNB and STA in 25m pool
Chih-Lin Yeh – DYNB 174m (Taiwan)
Dean Chaouche – DYN 246m (United Kingdom). UK #1 for DYNB, DYN, DNF, CNF, CWTB, FIM.
AIDA Private Static Attempt John Munoz (3 June), Held in Dahab, Egypt
Pool size 30m, depth 2m
Colombian STA NR 6.30
AIDA Azul Freediving Challenge – June Edition (3-5 June)
Depth comp held in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
FIM, CWTB and CNF – maximum depth 85m
10 women / 18 male athletes from Mexico, USA, Guatemala, France, Bolivia, Croatia.
Montserrat Peart Reyes (F) (Mexico) – NR CWTB 70m (Mexico)
AIDA South Florida Apnea Challenge 2022 (11 June)
Pool comp held at University of Miami, US
All four pool disciplines (23m pool)
Athletes from US and Cuba. Small comp, athletes competed in 2 events each.
Rolando Salgaod (Cuba) – 2x NR – DYNB 137m and DNF 158m
Claire Beatrix Paris – 2x Continental (Panamerican) records DYNB 182m and DNF 147m
AIDA NR Attempt Switzerland CNF freshwater (11-12 June)
Freshwater CNF NR attempt held in Herrliberg, Switzerland
Waldemar Bruderer – NR CNF 50m (Switzerland)
CMAS Indoor Pool World Champs (12-15 June)
Held in Belgrade, Serbia
STA, DYN, DYNB, DNF, Speed 100m, Endur
Continental records
Maria Veronica Cordova Mancheno (Ecuador, Panamerican) – STA 7.03.51, DNF 150m, DYNB 225.3m, DYN 207.13m
Arianna Paula Garcia Vera (Ecuador, Panamerican) – Endurance 8x50m 5”56’70, Endurance 16x50m 13”33’63
Marcelo Fabian Mora Simarra (Ecuador, Panamerican) – Endurance 8x50m 4”33’86, Endurance 16x50m 12”10’16
William Joy (China, Asian) – DYNB 251.6m, Endurance 8x50m 4”54’92
World records (SENIOR under 50)
Julia Koserska (Poland) – DNF 210m
Mirela Kardasevic (Croatia) – DYNB 250m
Mirela Kardasevic (Croatia) – DYN 275.36
Guillaume Bordila (France) – DYNB 274.7m
Matt Malina (Poland) – DYN 321.43m
World records (MASTER 50-54)
Heike Monika Schwerdtner (Germany) – STA 8”10’52 (won the Senior category)
Kyoko Oshiro (Japan) – Endurance 8x50m 9”06’78
Aris Ioannis (Greece) – Endurance 16x50m 15”00’87
Aris Ioannis (Greece) – Speed Apnea 2x50m 49’15
Aris Ioannis (Greece) – Endurance 8x50m 6”16’63
Klaus Kasten (Germany) – DYN 228m (competed in Senior category)
Klaus Kasten (Germany) – DYNB 205.35m
Laurent De Beaucaron (France) – STA 8”58’42 (second in Senior category)
World records (MASTER 55-59)
Budimir Sobat (Croatia) – STA 9”12’71
Frederic Maire (Australia) – Endurance 16x50m 22”41.20
Frederic Maire (Australia) – Speed Apnea 2x50m 46’28
Catharina (Karina) Diana Prins (Netherlands) – DNF 144.7m
Dagmar Andres-Brummer (Germany) – Endurance 16x50m 16”29’31
Dagmar Andres-Brummer (Germany) – Speed 2x50m 56’63
Natasa Boskovic (Serbia) – DYNB 159.2m
Natasa Boskovic (Serbia)- DYN 171.9m
World records (MASTER 60-64)
Ute Weinrich (Germany) – DYNB 75.6m
Ute Weinrich (Germany) – STA 5”02’08
Ute Weinrich (Germany) – DYN 108.95m
World records (MASTER 70+)
Japec Jakopin (Slovenia) – DYNB 164m
Japec Jakopin (Slovenia) – STA 7”05’91
Japec Jakopin (Slovenia) – DYN 186.35m
World records (SPECIAL NEEDS)
Casper Marti-Beckmann (Denmark) – DNF 103m
Casper Marti-Beckmann (Denmark) – DYNB 143.9m
Casper Marti-Beckmann (Denmark) – DYN 155.15m
South African National Championships (16-18 June)
Pool comp held in Port Elizabeth, SA
Four disciplines, 50m pool
16 athletes all from SA
Neither AIDA nor CMAS rules but modelled on AIDA
Gletwyn Rubidge (M) – NR DYN 200m
Bevin Reynolds (F) – NR DNF 150m, DYNB 194m
AIDA Indoor Pool World Champs (20-24 June)
Held in Bulgaria
50m pool, approx. 26 degrees
Over 130 athletes, 30 countries
No Mirela Kardasevich or Matt Malina.
Day 1: Athlete Boguslaw Kraus (Poland) underwater BO. Taken away in an ambulance. He is okay.
World records
Julia Koserska (Poland) – DNF 209m
Guillaume Bordila (France) – DYN 301m
Men: Petar Klovar (Croatia) 250m, Yueh Shiang Hsu (Taiwan) 240m, Karol Karcz (Poland) 232m NOTE: David Custic and Guillaume Bordila both dove 265m and protested against each other resulting in David being DQ for SP and Guillaume Bordila lost 20 points for 4x penalties for touching the bottom of the pool.
Women: Magdalena (Poland) 236m, Kat Saderska (Ukraine) 216m, Lidija Lijic (Croatia) 209m
Men: Guillaume Bordila (France) 193m, Karol Karcz (Poland) 185m, Michael Bochenek (Poland) 159m
Women: Julia (Poland) 209m, Magdalena (Poland) 180m, Kat Saderska (Ukraine) 171m
Men: Valdmar Karlson (Sweden) 8.58, Laurent De Beaucaron 8.41, William Joy (China) 8.37
Women: Sylvie Gilson (France) 7.49, Julia Kozerska (Poland) 7.41, Agnieszka Kalska (france) 7.14
Men: Guillaume Bordila (France) 301m, Yueh Shiang Hsu (Taiwan) 259m, David Custic (Croatia) 258m
Women: Magdalena Solich-Talanda (Poland) 265m, Julia Kozerska 260m, Yasuko Ozeki (Japan) 214m (Kateryna Saderska – 244m red card)
AIDA Panglao Depth Championship 2022 (21-26 June)
Depth comp held at Superhome, Panglao, Philippines
All four depth disciplines, max depth 120m
Jung A Kim (Korea) – NR FIM 82m
Marion John Sumalinog (Philippines) – CWT 70m
Dean Earvin Sevilleno (Philippines) – FIM 70m
Richard Lo (Philippines) – NR CWTB 70m
Ariston Ignatius Inot (Philippines) – NR CNF 56m
Mohd Azam Abdul Hamid (Malaysia) – NR CWTB 70m
Tracy Roxanne Migrino (Philippines) – FIM 53m
Tracy Roxanne Migrino (Philippines) – CNF 40m
Nikita Fima Atriyu (Indonesia) – CNF 40m
Nikita Fima Atriyu (Indonesia) – FIM 55m
Nikita Fima Atriyu (Indonesia) – CWT 58m
Mariko Kaji (Japan) – NR CWTB 83m
Darja Tijoe (Netherlands) – CWTB 78m
Kurt Chambers (USA) – CR / NR CWT 109m
Kurt Chambers (USA) – CR CWTB 100m
Komtanoo Pinpimai (Thailand) – NR CWT 100m
CMAS World Records
Lena Balta (Serbia)
VWT Monofin 116m (Dive time: 3”24’)
VWT FIM 105m (Dive time: 2”55’)
Ilenia Colanero (Italy)
Special Needs category (1 fin)
CWTB 20m