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Donny’s ‘solosode’, including returning to Taiwan.
But will Donny be back to Dahab?
Oil spill in Dahab caused significant pollution to the ocean and beach. Local Dahab organisations, including Eco-Dahab and Dahab Freedivers are leading the clean up with residents and tourists to remove and dispose of the oil.
Jordy commentating at the CMAS Outdoor World Championships in Kas in October.
Nataliia Zharkova won Dance Studios Dubai Instagram competition.
Lost property freediver, Angus Hoskin from Lakeland, United Kingdom found a groom’s wedding ring that was lost on his wedding day.

‘Why I Freedive’ from Michaela Werner, Australia


Umberto Pelizzari (Italy) – In Sardinia for July and August, freediving and spearfishing, and dedicated time to his family. Writing a new manual for Apnea Academy. New project: Making a series of documentaries about ‘gentle giants of the ocean’.

Alessia Zecchini (Italy) – In Rome for three weeks, training pool, gym and bike. End of August, travelled to Kas, Turkey to train depth ahead of competing in the CMAS Outdoor World Championships.


“The BIG Boy” – Lobster Weight hard carry case now available for large neck weight sets.


Vertical Blue (1-11 August) Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas
42 athletes from 22 countries
Day 1 – Green, murky water and lots of sargassum at the surface. Insufficient bandwidth issues. Video not available for viewers who paid $40 USD to watch the livestream.
World record – Arnaud Jerald (France) CWTB 117m
Alenka Artnik (Slovenia) – Attempted WR CWT 123m. Pulled on the line around -10m and safeties assisted. First ever DQBO in competition.
8x national records – Sahika Ercumen (Turkey), Jung A Kim (Korea), Enchante Gallardo (USA), Alfredo Roen (Spain), Camila Jaber (Mexico), Pedro Tapia (Mexico), Talya Davidoff (South Africa)+CR (Africa)
Day 2
World record – Alice Modolo (France) CWTB 96m
6x national records – John MUnoz (Colombia), Jung A Kim (Korea), Yun-Chieh Ku (Taiwan), Pepe Salcedo (Mexico), Juan Valdivia (Peru), Marina Simonis (Belgium)
Day 3
5x national records – Matt Malina (Poland), Pepe Salcedo (Mexico), Juan Valdivia (Peru), Fatima Korok (Hungary), Talya Davidoff (South Africa)+CR (Africa)
Deepest dive of the day: Matt Malina – NR FIM 124m
Day 4 – Alfredo Roen (Spain) achieved NR CWTB 90m and then proposed to his girlfriend on the diving platform.
World record – Arnaud Jerald (France) CWTB 119m
Continental record – Talya Davidoff (South Africa) CWT 76m
8x national records – Jung A Kim (Korea), Alfredo Roen (Spain), Mat Malina (Poland), Pedro Tapia (Mexico), Alice Modolo (France), Vitomir Maricic (Croatia), Talya Davidoff (South Africa)+CR (Africa), Marine Simonis (Belgium)
Day 5
Continental record – Enchante Gallardo (USA) FIM 87m
6x national records – Camila Jaber (Mexico), Juan Valdivia (Peru), Yun-Chieh Ku (Taiwan), Fatima Korok (Hungary), Enchante Gallardo (USA), Michael Zhi-Da Ko (Taiwan)
Day 6 – Celebration of the life of former AIDA President, Carla Sue Hanson.
7x national records – Stefan Randig (Germany), Isabel Sanchez-Aran (Spain), Sahika Ercumen (Turkey), Potti Lau (China), Matt Malina (Poland), Enchante Gallardo (USA), Camila Jaber (Mexico)
Day 7
World record – Arnaud Jerald (France) CWTB 120m (3rd CWTB world record)
World record attempt – Matt Malina FIM 127m – Yellow card due to early turn 113m. Stuffed up the countdown prior to Matt’s dive.
7x national records – Camila Jaber (Mexico), Talya Davidoff (South Africa) + CR (Africa), Marine Simonis (Belgium)
Day 8 – Orlando Bloom spotted at Dean’s Blue Hole.
7x national records – Michael Zhi-Da Ko (Taiwan), Davide Carrera (Italy), Alfredo Roen (Spain), Jung A Kim (Korea), Yun Chieh-Ku (Taiwan), Matthieu Duvalt (Canada), Isabel Sanchez-Iran (Spain)
World record attempt – Fatima Korok (Hungary) FIM 100m – Yellow card. Fatima suffered narcosis at the bottom plate and could not find the tag but went deeper than 100m.
Day 9
Stephane Torreau (France) – Started his breathe up before his dive on the last day and as OT was called, took off his facial equipment and DNS. Good reminder you don’t have to do the dive if it’s not feeling right.
Absolute world record – Matt Malina (Poland) FIM 127m. Diveye missed the first 50m of Matt’s descent. Pissed off! a with both his hands. He was incredibly clean when he surfaced.
5x national records – Jessea Lu (China), Fatima Korok (Hungary), Potti Lau (China), Camila Jaber (Mexico) and Yun Chieh-Ku (Jay Ku) (Taiwan)+CR (Asia) FIM 108m
Overall champions
Men: Matt Malina followed by Will Trubridge and Vitomir Maricic / Women: Fatima Korok followed by Sahika Ercumen and Sofia Gomez

AIDA Freediving World Cup – August event (2-9 August) Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
23 athletes from 15 different countries
CWT MEN – Omar Al Ghailani (Oman) 82m, Eugen Goettling (Austria) 81m, Carlos Diezel (Brazil) NR 76m
CWT WOMEN – Chiara Obino (Italy) 104m, Kateryna Saderska (Ukraine) 81m, Qihong Han (China) 80m
CNF MEN – Eugen Goettling (Austria) 63m, Omar Al Ghailani (Oman) NR 62m, Carlos Diezel (Brazil) 52m
CNF WOMEN – Kateryna Saderska (Ukraine) 67m, Cassandra Cooper (Canada) NR 55m, Irena Vanova (Czech Republic) 44m
FIM MEN – Eugen Goettling (Austria) 101m, Omar Al Ghailani (Oman) NR 95m, William Winram (Canada) 80m
FIM FEMALE – Kateryna Saderska (Ukraine) NR 85m, Irena Vanova (Czech Republic) 73m, Maria Bobela (Poland) NR 72m
CWTB MEN – Omar Al Ghailani (Oman) 92m, Eugen Goettling (Austria) NR 81m, Pieter Van Veen (Netherlands) NR 80m
CWTB WOMEN – Chiara Obino (Italy) NR 87m, Qihong Han (China) 83m, Kateryna Saderska (Ukraine) 83m
OVERALL MEN – Omar Al Ghailani (Oman)
OVERALL WOMEN – Kateryna Saderska (Ukraine)

AIDA Depth World Championships 2022 (15-25 August) Roatan, Honduras
40 registered athletes on AIDA website
Gossip! Organisers released a start list that had everyone’s training PBs on it.
World record – Marianna Gillespie (France) 97m, Jennifer Wendland (Germany) 92m, Enchante Gallardo (USA) 88m
2x continental records – Enchante Gallardo 88m (North America) and Natalie Rudman 72m (Africa)
National records – Hou I Ming (Taiwan) 65m, Agata Zalecka (Poland) 62m, Amber Bourke (Australia) 62m, Janita Kulkula (Finland) 41m and Ana Rivera (Honduras) 31m
Day 2 – CWTB MEN
Abdelatif Alouach (France) 111m, Walid Boudhiaf (Tunisia) CR 101m, Alex Llinas (Colombia) CR 96m
2x national records – Rafal Poliwoda (Poland) 87m and Matti Eronen (Finland) 71m
Fatima Korok (Hungary) 93m, Enchante Gallardo (USA) CR 88m and Sahika Ercumen (Turkey) NR 90m
2x continental records – Enchante and Natalie Rudman (South Africa) 71m
Nationals records – Sahika, Marianna Gillespie (France) 82m, Hou I Ming (Mia) (Taiwan) 60m, Ana Rivera (Honduras) 40m
Day 4 – FIM MEN
Walid Boudhiaf (Tunisia) 116m, Alouach Abdelatif (France) 109m, Nicolas Jaouen (France) 101m
National records – Alex Llinas (Colombia) 100m and Jordan Leyva Alvarez (Cuba) 76m
Fatima Korok (Hungary) and Amber Bourke (Australia) diving for gold 67m. Fatima BO and Amber early turned at 59m due to EQ issues.
Marianna Gillespie (France) NR 62m, Bridgette Banegas (France) NR 61m, Jennifer Wendland (Germany) NR 59m
National records – Marianna/Bridgette, Jennifer and Agata Zalecka (Poland) 50m
Day 6 – CNF MEN
Abdelatif Alouach (France) 82m, Alex Llinus (Colombia) 78m, Michael Zhi-Da Ko (Taiwan) 61m
Alex LLinus received red card for dipping airways but after protesting, decision was overturned and Alejandro given a white card.
1x continental record – Alex Llinus
Jennifer Wendland (Germany) 102m, Enchante Gallardo (USA) 80m, Jarmila Slovencikova (Czech Republic) 79m
1x continental record – Natalie Rudman (South Africa) 78m
National records – Jennifer Wendland (Germany) 102m and Mia Hou (Taiwan) 70m,
Day 8 – CWT MEN
Walid was diving for gold with 117m but had a deep underwater blackout around -18m
Abdelatif Alouach (France) 116m, Jay Ku (Taiwan) 105m, Eddy Laffin (France) 102m
National records – Alex Llinus (Colombia) 101m, Jordan Leyva Alvarez (Cuba) 81m
OVERALL WOMEN – Jennifer Wendland (Germany), Enchante Gallardo (USA), Natalie Rudman (South Africa)
OVERALL MEN – Abdelatif Alouach (France), Alex LLinus (Colombia), Michael Zhi-Da Ko (Taiwan)

Al Ghailani Omar (Oman) – Variable Weight No Fins 111m
Set in Sharm El Sheikh

Donny – Alex Llinus
Jordy – Alisha Kyning


A LOT of comps in September, particularly depth! Comps in Japan, Sweden, Korea, Taiwan, Croatia, Canada, Iran, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand, Greece, Austria, Brazil, Israel, Mexico and Spain.


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