The News Dispatch is a fun and rambling discussion of the latest news in the freediving world. Jordy Duncan brings the news and Donny Mac chimes in!

This month is a combined November & December Christmas Special and the last episode of the 1st season!






Donny is back for one episode only! Then he’s off to Thailand for a couple of months before making the move back to Dahab .
This is the last Freediving Journal episode for 2022.
The next episode will be released in early March 2023. Donny and Jordy share why they freedive.
Will Trubridge completed an underwater marathon, swimming 2023 x 25m no fins laps in 24 hours to raise awareness about mental health
Will has released a program called the Mental Immune System which uses freediving techniques to deal with stress and anxiety in everyday life.
Russian and Belarussian athletes can now compete in AIDA competitions under “international” for their nationality. What about the Taiwanese, and other persons who wish to compete under international?
Alenka Artnik was honoured for her freediving achievements.
Two major blockbuster films released, Wakanda Forever and Avatar 2.
Cast members undertook months of freedive training to enable them to hold their breath for minutes at a time while acting scenes underwater.
Bizo Silvo to deliver a presentation on pulmonary barotrauma aka lung squeeze at the 321 Freedive Conference.
The latest freediving documentary, The Deepest Breath will have its world premiere at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival.
Octopus Freediving uses crowd-funding to develop a new aluminium nose clip with natural leather pads.
Jordy spoke to Alex Llinas, Nenad Pavkovich and Kathryn Nevatt for the Where Are They segment?
Jordy shares how different countries select their national teams for the world championships and which countries provide financial assistance to their athletes.
Competition results for November and December, including a pool world record for the women.
Donny and Jordy’s PB shout-outs go to Ted Manasa and Mai Norimura.
Merry Christmas and see all our lovely listeners in 2023!
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