#17 | News Dispatch | April 2023


The News Dispatch is a fun and rambling discussion of the latest news in the freediving world. Jordy Duncan brings the news and Donny Mac chimes in!

This month is a catch-up after the break over Winter and getting up to date with the news!


 Donny Mac and Jordy Duncan




Donny has settled in Dahab and is happy as a pig in mud.
Jordy is going to the AIDA Pool World Championships 2023 in South Korea in June.
Vertical Blue is going ahead again in 2023!
New locations announced for Deep Week, including Deep Dive Dubai and Xiaoliuqiu, Taiwan.
Pipin Ferreras is suing Netflix over the freediving film ‘No Limit’ which Ferreras claims depicts him as a murderer.
New CMAS event – Speed 4x50m – to debut at the CMAS Indoor World Championships in Kuwait in May.
Due to illness, two current world record holders will be absent from the pool world championships 2023 – Mirela Kardasevich (Croatia) and Matt Malina (Poland).

Why I Freedive finally kicks off with responses from Natalia Wilk (Poland), Ante and Ana (Croatia), Evan Walther (USA), Patricia Ong (Singapore), Bas Mensonides (Netherlands) and Tom Way (United Kingdom).

Competition highlights, including several elite depth freedivers trading the ocean for pool comps.
First depth comp held at Camotes Freediving in Cebu, Philippines.
Comp organised by Thibault Guignes who completed a successful 110m FIM dive after a couple of years away from the competition scene.

Several world records set in 2023 already! – David Vencl (Czech) – Guinness World Record 52.1m deep in 1-4 degrees without a wetsuit.
Alessia Zecchini (Italy) – AIDA CWTB World Record 109m.
Alexey Molchanov (Russia) – AIDA Variable Weight (Monofin) World Record 156m.
Goran Colak (Croatia) – CMAS DYNB World Record 275.9m (pending doping test).
Mirela Kardasevich (Croatia) – CMAS DYNB World Record 258.5m (pending doping test).
Magdalena Solich-Talanda (Poland) – CMAS DYNB World Record 257.1m (pending doping test).
Julia Kozerska (Poland) – AIDA DNF World Record 210m.

Upcoming major competitions –

CMAS Indoor (Pool) World Championships 2023: 8-13 May, Kuwait.
AIDA Pool World Championships 2023: 10-16 June, Jeju, South Korea.
Vertical Blue 2023: 20-30 July, Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas.
CMAS Outdoor (Depth) World Championships 2023: 19-27 August, Roatan, Honduras.
AIDA Depth World Championships: 20-30 Spetember, Limassol, Cyprus

PB Shout-outs to Mat Grech (Australia), Sheena McNally (Canada) and Fabio Tunno.

Next episode to be released end of May/early June, including results from the CMAS Indoor World Championships

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