What organisation do you teach? Why do you not teach AIDA?

I am an SSI Level 2 Instructor, AIDA Instructor and Molchanovs Master Instructor, but honestly speaking, I believe my teaching has outgrown the scope of the freediving education organisations, and I believe my standards are higher than those of the organisations.

Having said that, I understand that most students want some kind of certification or document to finalise their course.

For this reason I teach around the Molchanovs education materials and certify my students under the Molchanovs system.

There are two main reasons for this.

1. The Molchanovs materials are simply better. They are regularly updated and reflect our latest, best understanding of freediving physiology and training. AIDA hasn’t updated its materials in years and in fact seems to not even have a functioning education department any more.

2. From a moral standpoint, I would not give my money (your certification fees) to AIDA at this point in time. Although they claim to be a democratically functioning organisation, they chose to support China in its suppression of Taiwanese identity, making sweeping changes to the AIDA system without putting it to the vote, and they employ a marketing agency using your certification fee money to censor their social media forums and remove any information that makes them look bad.

Molchanovs is an international organisation based in Singapore, run by an international group of the world’s top freediving athletes and others experts from all over the world. As long as they don’t do anything morally reprehensible I’ll stick with them ūüėė

What are the requirements to take a Level 1 course?

You must be over the age of 16 to join a Level 1 course. You must be able to swim comfortably and you must be able to speak and read English well.

I don't need a certification course, can I design my own experience?

Yes, you can design your own course with as much theory, dry, pool or open water sessions as you desire.
However, the first day of the Level 1 course with its theory and dry training is compulsory for all students.

A course like this will not have any requirements to achieve, but no certification will be awarded at the end.

This is a good option for those who wish to do a freediving course without the pressure and expectations of reaching a particular depth, or other goals.

Just let me know what you would like to do!

Your course is more expensive than other schools. Why?

1. My courses are longer, up to 6 days of training are included in the price of a Level 1 course.

2. In all areas of life we pay more for better quality products and services. I value my years of experience and skills as an educator and charge accordingly.

If you are looking for the cheapest and most discounted freediving course possible, that is also easy to find, there are many basic options.

Why is your course at least four days long, and others are only two or three?

After many years as a school owner and instructor, after teaching hundreds of students, I know that most students need more time to learn freediving comfortably…

Almost everyone will face some challenges with equalisation, technique, anxiety, water-fear, or relaxation.

I like to give my students the time to really experience freediving as a deep, soulful, healing and meaningful experience.

If you are more inclined towards a quick and basic freediving course there are many options availabe in Dahab. My course are intended for those who desire a fuller experience.

I didn't complete my course in 4 days, what now?

No problem, the Level 1 course includes an extra 2 days or training, at no extra cost, if required.

Is equipment included?

Currently, only masks, snorkels and weight belts are provided free of charge.

You can rent wetsuits and fins for 7 euros per day.

It’s always nice (if you can afford it, of course) to find your own wetsuit and fins that fit you well before you attend a course.

There is no need to fork out for expensive wetsuits and carbon fins. Decathlon, for example, has some perfectly good beginner’s wetsuits and fins.

Do you provide pictures and videos?

I take lots of pictures during the course with a professional camera setup. At the end of the course, 6 high-quality, edited images will be provided free of charge. Additional images can be bought for 5 euros each.

The videos are shot with a Gopro and are mainly used for coaching purposes.

If you would like the videos from your course, please bring a hard disk or USB stick compatible with a Mac Book.
Under no circumstances will videos be sent to the student later by email/Dropbox/file sharing etc.

What is the best way to get to Dahab?

The best way to get to Dahab is to fly to Sharm el-Sheikh airport and then take a taxi to Dahab (takes about 1 hour).

I can help you arrange a taxi pick-up at the airport (costs about 600 pounds).

Do you offer accommodation in Dahab?

I do not personally offer accommodation to students but I can help you find somewhere reasonably priced and offer recommendations!

How do I sign up? Deposit?

You can sign up by contacting me through the CONTACT PAGE, INSTAGRAM or email: donny@freediveandthrive.com

I don’t respond to social media, emails etc before 8am or after 8 pm.

I am always available for a call on Whatsapp. A phone call is a much better way to get a feel for a person before you commit to spending money on their services.

My WHATSAPP number is +886 909452409

A 30% (non-refundable) deposit is required to book any course or training.

If you cancel your course or want to change your course dates the deposit will not be refunded, but it can be used as a deposit for another course or can be transferred to another person.

All courses and trainings are discounted 10% if booked 2 months or more in advance!

Where are you located in Dahab?

Classes and water sessions will be conducted at various locations around Dahab. 

What should I bring with me?

Remember Dahab has a hot, arid, desert climate.

Bring a reusable water bottle, sea-sickness medication, reef-safe sunscreen, sunglasses and a good hat.

Many students who have never been sick on a boat or in a car experience motion sickness for the first time during a freediving course. If you are unsure about your situation in this regard, please make sure to bring some medication just in case.

Individual coaching sessions are quite expensive, is there a discount for longer stays?

Yes, of course, anyone who wishes to train with me for an extended period of time (minimum 1 week) is eligible for reduced fees and discounts. See the prices on the Coaching Page





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