The Freedive Café Podcast

Founded in 2017 not long after Donny began on his freediving journey, The Freedive Café is the world’s dedicated freediving podcast.

The Freedive Café is a long form interview podcast that explores the backstories, the training, the challenges, the combined wisdom and personal philosophies of the world’s freediving athletes, coaches, instructors, scientists and environmentalists.

With more than 100 episodes now recorded, The Freedive Café is one of the greatest freediving education and entertainment resources in the world.

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Thrivers Podcast

Thrivers is a long-form interview podcast.

Donny sits down with an eclectic array of explorers, adventurers, survivors, athletes, movers, journalists, meditators, philosophers and spiritually mature persons to discuss what they have learned, to offer inspiration to everyone, to uplift and motivate us to be better versions of ourselves.

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